Twitter API v1.1 requires OAuth for simple task like loading tweets to site. You don't want to mess with back-end scripts do you ?

Let me present Siutsur - a small JavaScript plugin which helps you to get latest tweets with all available information.


Development version: siutsur.js
Production version: siutsur.min.js
(Right-click, and use "Save As")

Dependency: jQuery - write less, do more.


First of all you need to create new Twitter widget. You don't have to change anything. Just press "Create a widget" and you are done.

From browser url bar you can see your widget id. Write it down.

Add jQuery and Siutsur files to your HTML code:

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="siutsur.min.js"></script>

Then execute Siutsur load method as in example. There are three arguments. First is Twitter widget id, second is success callback and third is error callback.
You have to replace id with your widget id.

  $(function() {
    Siutsur.load('349984663739191296', function(obj) {}, function() {});

Success callback argument is an array of latest tweets in JSON format.
Here is an quick example of how to display them on your website.

<ul id="latest-tweets"></ul>
  $(function() {
    Siutsur.load('349984663739191296', function(obj) {
      var html = '';
      $.each(obj, function(i, tweet) {
        html += '<li>'+tweet.title.plain+' '+
          '<a href="'+ tweet.permalink +'" target="_blank">' + 
            tweet.user.nickname + 
          '</a>' +
    }, function() {
      $('#latest-tweets').append('<li>Error loading tweets</li>');

PS: If it doesn't work try updating jQuery